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Lot of Vinyl Records for Crafting

Lot of 10 Vinyl Records for Crafts - No Jackets or Sleeves

  • $800

** 10 PACK of Vinyl Record**
We are offering this set of Vinyl Records for your crafting endeavors.

This is a pack of 10 vintage LP's (33 1/3's).
Each record is 12" in diameter.
This is for the record only, no jackets or sleeves.
Your selection will be a random variety of records from a variety of genres and groups/artists.
Each Record in in very good condition, minimal or no scratching and clean labels.

Records can be used to make Wall Clocks, heated into bowls, chained together to make a room divider curtain, painted, layered on the wall for an abstract work of art! Possibilities are limitless.

Note: We also sell vinyl records in Packs Of 50

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